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After 20 years of selling this combination to health care practitioners, I have found that the best way to relieve allergy symptoms for your child is to get rid of the cause of the allergies instead of covering up the symptoms with an over- the-counter anti-histamine drug. This is my simple explanation of the cause of allergies: When your body is full of toxins from just living in this world, and when it has too many parasites, and too much mold and fungus in your body, your “cup” is full. So, when you are exposed to mold, fungus, pollen, toxins, etc., your body reacts to it by creating histamines. Most people do not like the symptoms, so they grab for an anti-histamine. Symptoms went away for the moment, but nothing took care of the real reason you reacted and got the histamine response in the first place. TREAT THE CAUSE, NOT THE SYMPTOM.

Allermac™ reduces the symptoms of the histamine response, so we experience fast relief with it, BUT it helps the body actually get rid of the fungus and mold and toxins that are causing the symptoms of allergies.

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Yeast Ease Plus is a simple, powerful product that combines 3 incredible elixirs to produce amazing results, as it helps the body heal itself in many categories, such as yeast infections, allergies, mucus accumulation, and more. It is not designed for the quick allergy relief that Allermac™ tends to give, but it takes an impressively strategic approach on allergies.

Most traditional anti-allergy medications strive to stop the body from producing histamines, which are simply your body’s natural defense to an allergen. This is similar to shooting pain meds into your hand to block your body’s natural response to jerk away when you touch a burning stove top.

Allergies are the result of your body saying, “Listen, I can’t handle this right now!” Yeast Ease Plus goes beyond the anti-histamine approach and instead works on different levels because of its unique combination of ingredients. It aims to help the body heal to where it doesn’t feel threatened and overwhelmed by substances that SHOULD be processed by your body with ease.

Yeast Ease Plus™ also contains Silphium, which is especially beneficial in addressing pressure and acrid mucus in the supra-orbital, posterior sinuses. 4oz – add to cart 2oz – add to cart

Paragen ACV 2ozParagen ACV helps clean the gut (i.e. your intestines) with anti-fungal and anti-parasitic herbs infused and extracted with apple cider vinegar. Parasites are in everyone, but they tend to “pee and poop” toxins in the body and that’s what causes most of the problems to arise.  Most people overlook this possibility when they are battling allergies. The presence of parasites in the body is normal, but when you are toxic or have too

A customer sent us these pictures of the worms her body got rid of after taking Paragen™

A customer sent us these pictures of the worms her body got rid of after taking Paragen™

much yeast, these critters get out of control and they cause more toxins in the body because they are eating toxins and yeast and fungus and they are eliminating, causing us to have allergic reactions to pollen, to smells, etc. 2oz – ($26) add to cart

Molybdenum1 Molybdenum: After 15 years of treating patients we have learned that we cannot only just give products that will help the body kill off everything that is causing the allergic reaction. You have to get rid of the die-off. If you don’t, now you just have more toxins in the body. $15- add to cart

ALLERMAC TESTIMONY “I will admit that I was skeptical. Having both an aunt and a grandmother that were both RN’s (Registered Nurse), I had often wondered if herbal medicine was truly applicable to modern people. After all, we live in a world where we can get just about anything with a doctors note. So I didn’t place much stock in natural remedies until one day when allergies struck, and I was left high and dry with out any conventional medicine at a most inconvenient time, a wedding. Itchy watery eyes, runny nose, sinus pressure, the whole nine yards. While I was complaining like a 6-year old who didn’t get the cookie she wanted after dinner and after I had sent a friend rushing to pick up some relief, a hand appeared out of nowhere and plopped this small blue bottle in my hand.
”Here, this’ll take care of you William.”
”Uh, thanks but I have a friend getting me some stuff so I’ll be fine.”
She said, “okay that’s fine, how far away is the store?”
”About 15 minutes”, I stammered.
”Alright, if you don’t want to take it I understand, but I’ll bet if you took this now you would be feeling better by the time your friend gets back.”
That’s not possible, I thought.
But I gave it a shot, anything to end my misery. Sure enough 15 minutes later I was all cleared up. When I my friend came back from the store, I paid them for their trouble but told them to keep the medicine. I’ve since made sure I have a bottle of Jernigan’s Allermac with me wherever I’m at during the allergy season. This works, and no one was surprised more than me. I will continue to use their products because now I’m a believer.” -William G.